Community Based Participatory Action Research—CBPAR, for short.

Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR) is a collaborative approach that democratizes how research is conducted in communities.The CBPAR framework begins with a community’s issue, proposed action, or strategy and then supports or enhances this action with research that is community based and engaged.

Community Research in action

Step-by-step guides

  • Using maps for community organizing

    An organizer is situated somewhere in the physical world. Her terrain can be a block in an urban center of a neighborhood, on Soto Street in East L.A. or the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, in the recovery room at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston or in the foundry at the Ford River Rouge plant outside Detriot. - Eric Mann, Playbook for...

  • Map and Share your Community's Story

    Where are we? What is really going on here? How does it affect us? What can we do about it?Are there people in your community interested in highlighting assets and helping decide how to improve certain areas? Do you want community members to help inform decisions being made about your neighborhood? Host a community walk using these four questions along with...

Data collection tools

Recent articles

  • A Great Park on an Unsafe Street

    Community members who have lived for years in the neighborhood that surrounds Martin Luther King Jr. Park, located near 39th Street and Western Avenue, have negatively perceived the park as a dangerous place. Since 2009, there have been various improvements made to the park, a move largely lead for the past two years by the Community Coalition. On Saturday,...